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Executive Floor

9th Floor personal history

9th executive floor is the highest floor that you can see three-way mountain range,East mountain, North mountain, West mountain These are the rooms for “Executive”, to keen our five senses and brighten our life.In the simplicity white and black toned room, you will feel just like you are in your own library.
Please enjoy your stay at this Japanese, modern and natural room, consist of the Japanese cedar woods, Japanese traditional papers, hempen, and Japanese furniture.


Architect:Naohisa Akagi "大文字の送り火も望めるエグゼクティブのための私室へようこそ"

born in Okayama prefecture
graduate from Kyoto university architecture department
akagi architects laboratory established


About “Fire Illumination”

At the 9th elevator hall, there is the decorated wall light that displays the Kyoto Bon Fire(大文字)
This wall light symbolizes our “OMOTENASHI(おもてなし)” spirit.
OMOTENASHI means to welcome all visitors kindly, and this is massage drawn by famous Zen temple monk, Daikou Matsuyama who is the sightseeing ambassador of Kyoto


At the center of Japanese Shoji paper, the mark “Enso(円相)” is drawn.
In Zen world, this Enso(円相) mark means :
“Absolute” “Universe” “Peace” “Comprehension” .

Under the mark of Enso(円相),
the word “和以為尊” is drawn, it means “PEACE IS THE BEST” in English.

This word is decided as the Japanese national doctrine in the ancient period by Shotoku-taishi(聖徳太子) ,and the wish of Zen sprit is same.

That is the truth
The wish ancient people pray for ,
The wish present people pray for Bon Fire, is same.


The character “大(Dai)” means
“Five natural elements(elements earth,water,fire,wind and sky)”,
and this character is said to symbolize awe and respect for nature and our ancestor.

This light object is consists of granite “earth”, “water” from color glass, “fire” swung by
“wind”, and the ”sky” expressed by Japanese paper.
Thus, this object is imaged by Bon Fire.

The plain wood is the image of Kyoto traditional house windows(京町屋),
the light blue color glass of the bottom express Kamo river(加茂川),and
the Bon Fire is floating in the Japanese paper through the backlight.
The light as if it were candle fire is controlled regularly.

When you reach 9th floor, you will see the darkness of black ceiling, black wall,
Japanese Tatami floor, and then, the fire for pray floating slowly.



Your room becomes museum!?

The Capperplate artist Atsuo Sakadume designed the room- it is our new room. Gradation of light produced by Atsuo Sakadume’s idea is sending the silent massage to modern people.




Illumination artist: Nayako Murakami   "花鳥風月をテーマに自然界への賛美をあかりに込めて"

born in Kanagawa prefecture
graduate from Kyoto Seika university design department
“Tsukiakari design laboratory” opened

When she noticed one light arrangement can change all atmosphere of space, She try to make “comfortable space”. 2008, she opened her “Tsukiakari design Laboratory(月あかりデザイン研究所) ” She made a variety of light,and these production is hand-made, and furthermore, Japanese Paper is attracted in her production recently.

Hallway’s ceiling lights made by woodblock printing.

“Maru Sankaku Shikaku(circle, triangle and square)

In Kyoto, there are the many spring water spots everywhere.
Tea ceremony of Kyoto, traditional cuisine, and traditional crafts are developed by these clean and pure water.
This ceiling is expressed by “Japanese bush clover(萩)- flowes open in autumn ” and “clean and pure water ”.

Maru Sankaku Shikaku

Woodblock printing lampshade

Material:Fukui echizen washi